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  • Reliable all-weather performance on a variety of surfaces
  • Very flat and compact profile for fast driving over rocky terrain in all weather conditions.
  • SPEEDGRIP Compound: uncompromising traction even in wet conditions ensure efficient and fast rolling behavior, with high tear resistance and high traction even in wet conditions.
  • Puncture Protection: Nylon bead-to-bead (high tenacity nylon weave for added cut and puncture protection
  • Carcass (TPI): 127
  • Button design and dimensions have been specifically developed for cyclocross - suitable for 700c rims
  • TRL Tubless Ready Aramid folding bead optimized for wide rims and low pressure rides.
  • All sizes are tubeless ready

The properties of the new Pirelli compound formulation SpeedGRIP are tailored to any weather condition, regardless of whether the terrain is dry or wet. In developing the Scorpion™ MTB rubber formulation
- SmartGRIP - the new SpeedGRIP compound maintains the same polymer matrix and improves rolling efficiency. The greater need for speed or mileage for the same effort on gravel, with a combination of tarmac, gravel and aggressive terrain, and a mix of uses - from racing to packing
to adventures - led Pirelli technicians to optimize this new rubber for better energy management. The SpeedGRIP compound maintains the same tear resistance as its MTB counterpart (SmartGRIP) and has high chemical grip (also known as wet grip). More efficient energy management reduces rolling resistance to a level very close to that of pure road racing tires.

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