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The ultimate jacket from Castelli, combining warmth, breathability and a high level of rain protection with a soft, comfortable fit. After the update to what is now the third generation, it is an example of how a winter jacket should work.

According to, this jacket sets new standards in terms of winter jackets. We can only agree with this assessment. It combines everything that should make the perfect winter jacket. We started with a list of things we didn't like about the current jackets and set out to solve them - all while making our best jacket ever. The first problem to solve was moisture management. Even the best materials currently available, while offering good breathability, cannot handle the perspiration that occurs at high intensity. That's why we designed a double-layer construction that allows you to open the outer windproof layer while keeping the insulation layer closed. This allows air to circulate inside the jacket to wick away moisture without cold air coming into direct contact with your skin. On long climbs we open the outer layer completely to allow moisture to escape, and when we start the descent we close it again and are completely dry on the inside. It works so well that sometimes it feels like magic. New this year is a softer, warmer 3D insulation material that provides even better warmth, moisture management and fit. Next we focused on the openings at the neck, waist and especially the wrists. The collar is high and tailored to move with you, whether you're standing or in an aero position be the January superhero attacking your cycling buddies. For the waistband, we've engineered a stretch layer with silicone tape so it lies flat and completely blocks the wind without riding up or bunching up. New for this year are the brand new double layer cuffs with an inner layer that fits under the glove and fits snugly around the wrist - and an outer layer that goes over the glove so any rain runs off the outside of the glove instead of getting inside. Of course, the ultimate jacket also works well in the wet, because we use GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® material together with waterproof taped seams in the critical areas in the shoulder area. Other seams are hidden from direct water contact and the material's water-repellent finish is sufficient to largely prevent moisture penetration. In our own subjective judgement, it's "principally waterproof" - and strikes the right balance between weather protection, breathability and comfort. That's not to say a drop won't ever get in, but when we do longer rides in "real" rain we stay completely dry. All of these attributes make it a pro favorite - and the most versatile, high-performance winter training jacket we've ever created.

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